Thursday, October 2, 2008

Step To It ((2005)

This one came out of nowhere. Short and sweet, but with one underlying reference. It had to do with the unnecessary steps often found in all of the processes we go though in daily life. Not a solution, though. Just a humorous look at steps.

Step To It

I spoke with my podiatrist last night
Regarding my feet

He asked me if I was walking
More than I should
Or taking unnecessary steps

I told him I always go the distance
Which meant taking extra steps
To get the job done

He said it was okay
As long as I take extra steps
To prevent the unnecessary steps

I said, “easy for you to say,
Until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes”

He quipped, “well, if worse comes to worse,
I’ll send for the toe truck!”

Feelings (2004)


Feelings are like music notes
There are only a handful

But put together like songs
There are a million combinations

During youth, they change
As often as a streetlight
As time goes by,
We learn to recognize…
And control them,
As they guide us through life

You can’t change them yourself
They are a result
Of something that has occurred

Happiness is often mistaken
For the best feeling in the world
But in actuality,
Happiness is a state of mind
The best feeling by far
Is the one less felt
And that is…
The process of…

Falling in love.

Messenger Of The Masses (2003)

I work in the financial district of San Francisco. One of the things one first notices are the bike messengers delivering same-day packages to their destinations. They collided with the occasional vehicle, who were clueless to their presence, but rarely connected to the pedestrian. And there were many. So watched. And studied. And realized. This was street mathematics at its best. These guys were clocking in the pedestrians, and flying by without so much as a breeze. Enlightenment came when I noticed one coming my way. I stopped. He almost flew over the handlebars trying to avoid me. He said as he passed by, “Don’t move. Or even look at us. We know where you’re going and how fast. If you stop, you’ll get hit.” Sounds good to me. Who am I to argue.

Messenger Of The Masses

How do you avoid a collision…
With a bike messenger?


Bike messengers are, by essence, scientists…
Geometric and algebraic computators…
Although you’d never know it…
And neither would they…

As you move and see one coming,
Do not stop, slow down, or speed up…

By the time you see one coming,
He has already seen you…
And estimated your direction,
And rate of speed…

And, determined the precise point
At which to pass you,
Without colliding…

So, keep moving, without changing;
And without looking, this is key…

If you can do this,
All you should feel is a slight breeze
As they fly by…

And hopefully,
They put on deodorant this morning.

Doing The Job (2003)

More games, same year, now with your friendly neighborhood local utility provider. I lost my temper, I’ll admit. But for good reason. I was vindicated in the end. PG&E. Got the bill for the month. $240.00. What??? I paid the past due balance last month. Something was wrong here. Obviously, they misread the meter. Now for the phone call.

Gave my account number. It was clear by what appeared on their screen, including the recent payment, that there was a misreading of the meter, outside my apartment building. I asked, “Will someone come out to re-read the meter, and issue a new bill?” “No. You’ll have to pay this bill, as it is due.” “But it’s $240.00. That’s six months worth of dues.” “Sorry sir. We can’t change the billing.” Bullshit.

So I started in on him. “I’m not paying this bill. You guys made the mistake. And I’m not paying for it.” “That’s your right, sir, but if you don’t, you’ll be shut off.” “Fuck you. Shut me off. When I bring this up to management, knowing you have the ability to rectify this, it’ll be your ass.” “Sir, there’s no need for profanity. I don’t use it. My family doesn’t use it. And I won’t tolerate it being used in my presence.”

At this point, I didn’t care, and hung up on him. Of course, this will always come back to haunt you. It’s why you get the recording message in the beginning. “This call may be monitored for training purposes.” Bullshit. It’s a way to cover their ass. I knew this. And also knew there would be a record of my conversation. So I called back. Calm, mind you. If you need assistance, no sense in coming out swinging.

“Hi. I just got off the phone with one of your reps. It didn’t go anywhere. I was polite at first, but worse came to worse, due the lack of service I knew was possible from your end, and lost my temper. So I’m here to start from the beginning, to see if there’s something that can be done here, to prevent the loss of power as a result. Here’s my situation.”

Sure enough, the rep concurred. “Yup, shows here there was an outburst. You seem calm enough now. Let’s start from the beginning.” I explained the situation just as I had previously. He said, “No problem. I find it odd the previous rep couldn’t resolve this. Obviously, the meter was misread. Here’s what we can and will do. We can’t arrange at this time, a return to your property. What we can do is put a notification on your account that the meter was misread. All you have to do is nothing at this time. Next month, after the meter is read, the miscalculation will correct itself. Of course, you’ll be responsible for two months.” Done deal. Now why couldn’t the first guy do this? I didn’t blow up until AFTER he said there was nothing he could do. Prick.

And so it goes. When dealing with customer service, involving a discrepancy on a bill, missing parts, a disruption in service, etc, remember: customer service personnel are there to help. What happened to you is not of their doing, and, subsequently, not their fault. They get yelled at, chastised, chided, demeaned, and rode, for reasons that are not their doing. Here’s the scoop: you deserve it if you waited until after the last minute, when it is too late, no matter how much you bitch about it. But if you take a second to rationalize, count to 10, and take a deep breath, and have a set of circumstances you believe can be negotiated, you may have a chance. But you have to keep a cool head. For what they make an hour, it is in your best interest to be cool.

You can wait until the last minute, but remember where the edge lies. The edge is the disconnection, or cancellation. You can always negotiate up that point, but not after. Remember, they just want to get paid. Of course, negotiations are dependent on your history. If you make arrangements, even at the last minute, and don’t keep them, you can’t be trusted.

I’ve found that a payment to keep from having service interrupted, can always, ALWAYS, be made, that week. Weekends don’t count. If you call on a Friday to keep from losing service you know will end on Saturday, and it does, trust me; they’re not going to agree to a payment on Monday. A lot has to do with the outstanding amount. They’ll accept a portion, as long as you agree to a later date for the remainder. Blow it off and there goes your credit rating. You can only put it off for so long. After a certain point, you lose. Then come deposits as security. You know, collateral.

But don’t be alarmed. For example: if your service is shut off, such as cable or gas; it is done by computer. And can be turned on within a couple hours after payment has been received. Wait too long, and they physically turn it off at the source: your building. Now you have to arrange a time to be home for when they come out to turn it on. The sad part is, they didn’t need you to be there to turn it off. But now they need you there to turn it back on. And it’s a four-hour window. You have to take a half-day off from work. Do they show up early? Never. In fact, more often than not, you end up calling back to find out when they’re coming, since, now, it’s after the window they originally gave you. Sucks, doesn’t it. They know this. So I like to turn the tables on them. I tell them, “Why do I have to be there? I wasn’t there when you came out to disconnect me? The same should apply for the reconnect. You want me there so you can get in. Didn’t need me there for the disconnect.”

Doesn’t work every time. Instead of taking a half-day, schedule it for a Saturday. You’re home, anyway, and they’re working a Saturday. They’re gonna be late, no matter what. Make it as difficult as you can. Part of it is customer service’s doing. Part of it, I guarantee you, is the guy coming to service you. He doesn’t give a shit. Make his life difficult. Play dumb. He just might feel sorry for you.
I almost forgot the most important point. Be nice. The best results I ever get is when I open the conversation with this: “Hi. I need to make arrangements because I’m in a bind. I’m not happy about it but that’s not your doing and not your fault. I know you get yelled at on a regular basis, but you don’t have to worry about that here.” I give the account number, followed by the name, address, phone, and last four digits of my Social Security number, one after the other. Standard information always asked at the beginning. More often than not, they’re appreciative, if not also impressed. From that point on, cracking jokes and laughing puts them at ease, and whatever they are able to do, will happen.

Doing The Job

So your job involves customer service

But when there’s nothing you can do,
Or won’t, as is sometimes the case,
Because you CAN make exceptions
Then you’re just doing your job

The truth of the matter is -
You have to be nice
The tape is rolling

And I have to, too
If I am to succeed

I know you can make concessions
Depending on the circumstances

Whether you choose to or not
Depends my attitude
So if you choose to just do your job
It is not in the interest of customer service

And I as the customer

(Obviously the exception to the rule when referring to that urban anecdote, “The customer is always right”.)

Looking Good (2003)

I was on a roll that year. Goes back to my work ethic. Always hardworking; trying to help others. I was constantly told by coworkers, “dude, you’re making me look bad”. Of course, that was always from those who were looking to move up. Or simply lazy. All of a sudden, I’m in their way. Others felt differently. Always got along with those beside me who didn’t feel the same. As far as they were concerned, the more I did, and the faster I worked, the less they had to do. And they knew it wasn’t anything personal. I wasn’t trying to move up. But I, unknowingly, became a roadblock. Until I heard this quote: “I can’t make you look bad; only you can make you look bad”. Came in handy during political squabbles when confronted. Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes:

Looking Good

I get resentment everywhere I go
But it isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault
It’s because of the speed I work
My work ethic has a lot to do with it
I’ll admit
I don’t force my ways on others
Unless it’s something
For which I’m responsible
I only challenge others to keep up
But not outright
I challenge by doing
I get a lot done by how fast I work
But not too fast
Where accuracy is sacrificed
If that were the case
Errors would occur on a regular basis
Always does
When trying too hard to go too fast

I work at this speed
Because it comes naturally
Errors occur once in a while
(nobody’s perfect)
but are corrected as they occur
because of the attention-to-detail
“An error becomes a mistake,
when you refuse to correct it”
someone once said


Others think I work fast on purpose
To make them look bad
To which I only have this to say,
“Only you
Can make yourself look bad”.

Class Dismissed (2003)

Somewhere around the same time, I called about a class at City College of SF. I was told the class was free, but the materials for the class had to be purchased. I said that it wasn’t a free class, since materials had to be purchased for the class. I was told again it was a free class, but that the materials were necessary, but not required, for the class. I asked if I could pass the class without the materials. “Not likely.” “So, in essence, in order to pass the class, the materials were necessary.” “Yes.” “So I have to pay for these materials, unless someone gives it to me for free.” “In short, yes.” Then the class is not free, no matter how you justify it. Shameful in their disregard for and manipulation of the English language.

Class Dismissed

No such thing as a free lunch?
Sure there is
But a free class?
What, no can see the hidden cost?

“Because you’re a member,
we’re offering this class,
free of charge”
here’s my reservation
since there’s “limited seating”
the confirmation arrives
two days later
three days before the class
the reminder arrives

“Please remember to purchase
the required textbook for the course,
available at the school bookstore
there will be copies available
before the class”

Excuse me?

So is it still a free class?

Today –
“People are more often graduated,
than they are educated”
Thanks to Aristotle for that timeless insight.

You’ll learn more on the outside
Than you ever will,
In a class.

Go Figure (2003)

This wouldn’t be complete without some form of reference to professional wrestling.

Go Figure

It’s time for wrestling…
Which is the most contradicting thing of all…

For someone as serious
And dedicated as I am…
Would watch something so mundane…

And non-competitive,
And totally off-the-wall
As professional wrestling…

Go figure…

Shit Creek (2003)

‘Shit Creek’ was a result at the same location (it was a painful two years). A generalized account of shit that happens, that is out of your control, which your boss uses as an explanation over which he has no control. What a copout.

Shit Creek

When it comes to the job,
what you don't like about it
depends on what section you're in...

or Administrative...

If you're in Management,
It’s the decision-making process,
The bureaucracy of it all,
Cuz it takes forever
To get anything done or passed...

If you're a Professional,
It's the client and the work that is hated,
Cuz the client asks the impossible,
And everyone knows, the client is always right…

But if you're an Admin,
That’s the worst,
Cuz everything rolls downhill,
And everyone shits on admin...

Think'n'Speak (2003)

This next one is general in nature, but specific, without a doubt; same location, same boss. It represents that aspect of taking credit for something of your doing and input, by someone else. In this case, the boss.


With a new or alternative idea
For the benefit of the client
Is always a positive thing

In this case,
Not to minimize your input
As it is a case by case thing
But more to keep in mind
For the future

In your haste to push a new product
as an alternative
even if it would have been perfect for your needs
your intentions were admirable
but premature

the conversation had not finished
meaning all the details were not disclosed
your alternative had limitations
and would not have worked
if only you had waited for all the details

feeling is based on emotion
thinking, on logic
while you feel you interjected
I think you interrupted.

A Quirk In The Quark File (2003)

Ah, the daily setbacks on the job. No one’s fault. This is why a new quip came to surface. Remember the old one, “To err is human, to forgive, divine”? The information Age gave rise to an altered version, and appropriate it was. “To err is human; to really foul things up requires a computer.” And that it did. In the form of quirks and glitches. Glitches were random; quirks, a constant. Huh?

You know them. Glitches were problems in the system that would surface, then disappear. Infrequent in nature, you couldn’t call for service because you couldn’t rely on them to occur in the presence of the technician. Quirks, on the other hand, were problems that arose due to conflicts in the software. It wasn’t the software specifically, but in the transition from one location to another.

Quark was a ‘graphics’ software we were using at the time. So, files would be sent from one department to another. Glitches happened occasionally, preventing the file from being downloaded, or printed. The doc was resent, and/or the system acting as the brain, was rebooted. Glitches disappeared. Quirks, on the other hand, were glitches that remained as a constant. They were something in the file that would prevent its execution. And not disappear after repeated submissions.
So, in an attempt at humor, to commemorate the situation, I wrote a poem about it. Of course, you have to have background knowledge of Star Trek, past and present. Don’t forget the sub-atomic, molecular, particle breakdown and all of its components, as it were, in Science. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

A Quirk in the Quark File

how many quirks make up a Quark?

Quark seems larger than a quirk.
Quark is capitalized,
quirk, on the other hand, is in lower case.

so it only seems fitting that there be a number of quirks per Quark
rather than a quirk made up of Quarks...
besides, the variables here are ‘a’ and ‘i’ and ‘a’ comes before ‘i’…

of course the argument could be made
that quirks came before Quarks…
so how many Quarks make up a quirk?

Captain Quirk came first before Deep Space Nine’s Quark,
who, ironically, was quirky,
but where did the little quirks come from?
the captain produced no little ones…or did he?
the captain was always involved with aliens…
would that make Quark the illegitimate son of Quirk?

Quark is singular while quirks are plural…
which gives the impression that quirks came from Quark…
making them appear related…

Quark could be the parent…
after all, Quark rhymes with patriarch and matriarch…
and kids are quirky…
King Quark and the Quark Queen ruling a kingdom of quirks…
maybe Quark is half a quirk and half a glitch…
quirks are random and glitches are constant…
both make the Quark stable…
take one part out and it becomes the other…

or maybe it isn’t…
quirks are not good, and glitches are even worse…

Every Time... (2003)

More workplace politics. Those who would request immediate attention, in spite of their disregard for those before them. Was always a result of last minute demands, disguised as requests. And used management as a tool to justify bumping others. And needed it beyond what was acceptable. Every time.

Every Time…

The same people do the same shit, over and over...every time...
it's those same people that always get me into trouble...every time...
as much as I try not to, it always happens, in varying degrees...
but, like you said, sometimes you have to push back.

Pushing back works to a degree...but even pushing back just a little,
will land you in hot water, every time...
at which time you have to explain yourself, every time...

You could push back,
then getting stepped on and walked over all the time, every time...
or, you can push back hard,
and get into serious trouble.
or you could push back a little,
and have to explain yourself after the fact, every time...

even though it's the same people...every time...
and your boss can tell what happened,,
without even asking you,
because it's the same people, every time...

of course, even if you push back a little,
those same people will continue to push, just to push,
every time...
making you push back harder the next time...

every time this stuff happens,
I get in trouble,
every time...

for no reason but to humor those who are pushing...
cuz they do it deliberately…every time...

Vacation (2003)

2003, while not a good year in the work sense, turned out to be a productive year, in the writing aspect, putting down everything that crossed my mind. It was a way of dealing with the office politics occurring at the time, which I won’t mention here (KPMG). Of course, at this time of my life, I was through sweating it and dwelling on it. Based on all of the experience from years before, it was easy to apply it in future situations. No sense in losing sleep over it. I came up with this one after being continually asked what my plans were for vacation. I’m taking Friday off. It’s just time off. Three-day-weekend. No big deal. Give me a break.


I’m on vacation next week…
Going anywhere?
Yeah…I’m going home…
Oh, where’s that?
Right up the street…
Funny, but are you going anywhere?
After I get home,
I’m going to the corner store…
To buy beer…
Oh, not going anywhere, huh?
No I’m leaving when I finish my beer…
Where you off to?
The bathroom…where else?
See, I knew it,
You’re not going anywhere…
On the contrary,
As soon as I’m done in the bathroom…
Yeah, right…
What…don’t you want to know?
Now I’m afraid to ask…
I’m leaving tonight…
Well, it’s about time...
Where you going?
I’m going to bed…
Now leave me alone…
I’ve got things to do…
Places to go…

You Think You Know (2003)

Can’t remember what brought on the next one. ‘I don’t know’ is as common as ‘I’m sorry’. I won’t go there. At least, not yet. It was used in a different sense in one of my favorite films, “Get Shorty”. Star-filled cast. Great storyline. The kind of movie you throw on when there’s nothing else on. Highly recommended. John Travolta arrives at a restaurant to meet up with Rene Russo and Gene Hackman. Reaching the top of the stairs, he is blocked by Delroy Lindo and James Gandolfini (yup, Tony Soprano himself, playing ‘Bear’, a stuntman/bodyguard). After ‘Bear’ is thrown down the stairs, Delroy says to John, “You don’t know me; you only think you do”.

You Think You Know

You think you know…
And you’re right; you think –
But you don’t know,
You only think you do…

When you’re thinking,
You don’t really know…
You’ll only know
When you’re done thinking…

Think to yourself –
Do you know, while you are thinking?
No, you don’t;
That’s why you’re thinking…

But you won’t know
Unless you think first…
And if you think about it,
Knowing is an afterthought,
At the end of thinking…

So now you know…
Or do you…
I don’t think so…

A.S.A.P. (2003)

Welcome to the English language, in all of its perverse manifestations and third class interpretations. The majority of these were penned in the nineties and beyond; and mostly related to the office workplace. ‘ASAP’ is an obvious reaction the often-requested last-minute requests common in the workplace. For those of you living under a rock, cuz you never know, ASAP is an acronym for ‘as soon as possible’. Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes…


Can I get this as ASAP?

Do you know when it will be ready?

But I need it ASAP! Is right now, not possible?

Nothing’s impossible...
But you’re right, right now is not possible...

When you say “ASAP”,
I see “As Soon As Possible”…

At this point in time, it may not be possible,
But nothing’s impossible...

You’ll still get it,
As soon as possible…
When it’s possible...

I Dream (1994)

I Dream

…I dream of a love
to share all time
space within the mind…
…of a life fulfilling
prophecy willing
extending beyond the lines…

…I dream of knowing
sincerity exists
and integrity truly survives…
…of learning truths
behind facades
exposing all the lies…

…I dream of honor
in battle upheld
without fear of defeat…
…of challenging gods
with inner faith
against centuries of hate…

…I dream of a home
I call my own
A castle in the wind…
…of circling dragons
Heavens protected
Wisdom pearls within…

…I dream of spirits
In other dimensions
Uplifting to afar…
…of traveling wavelengths
speed of light
a parallel world of stars…

…I dream of acceptance
all that is known
and that which cannot be told…
…of unknown realms
enlightening souls
forever, till age of old…

And I Wonder (1994)

And I Wonder

for a moment
I look at the stars
And wonder
And gaze
To the heavens above
And wonder
What lies ahead
For this self of mine
I wonder
Who might she be
Will she think of me
Or wonder
Of the heavens above
While the stars shine
And I wonder
Will she care
Like I’ve cared
To wonder
As I do
Are feelings as strong
As I wonder
If I only knew
Who she was
I wonder…

Indian Princess (1994)

Another attempt at seduction, my Indian Princess was an associate at a former employer. Trying to strike gold like before, I guess. She definitely caught my eye. Unfortunately, I ended up in the friend zone. What makes this endeavor stand out? She showed this to another associate, while I was present in her office. His comment: “This guy wants to do you!” Was I that obvious? I think she knew. We looked at each other after he said that. Played it off well, though. I didn’t want to pressure it. Hey, we worked together.

I guess I never really learned the first time. Maybe I don’t consider it a mistake, so by trying over and over, I’m not really making the same mistake twice, but simply exploring the same opportunities, but in a different setting. I didn’t like going out to the bar scene anyway, and hey, what do singles’ groups always say? Seek amongst common environments. Work is one of them. And neither of us were in the same department; and neither of us were over the other. It could work. It did for others; albeit, not for everyone. Seen it first hand. But she made it known she knew by looking at me immediately after his comment. In retrospect, it probably wouldn’t have worked out, so it ended up being more fun with the tension in place. Some things are better left in the dream stage. Wrote a poem about her. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Indian Princess

Indian eyes burning bright
Of what it is you dream at night
On the horizon birds in flight
Blinded by the shining light

They will come and they will go
Somehow they will never know
So much to learn that makes you so
You stand alone while the winds blow

Your heart yearns for something more
To share your thoughts, an open door
With hopes of finding someone for
That heart of yours, to heights we’ll soar

A century to live from day to day
Life is short but don’t dismay
What you seek will come your way
Or already has, who’s to say

There is no time to sigh or week
Your beauty lies oh so deep
For now enjoy the friends you keep

You’re in my thoughts when I’m asleep.

Inti-Mates (1994)

In a moment of passion, I tried my hand at adult prose. So, just to get you in the mood… Maybe it was all those years reading the Penthouse letters. If you get a hard-on or wet in the process, I will have succeeded. You can thank me later.


It starts with a stare
Eyes drifting
Caught in the line of sight
Smiles occur
Distance between decreases
Hands extend to encircle
Lips entangling
Darting exchanges within
Moving down the slopes
Across the valley range
To a hidden door unlocked

Time stands still

Muscles expand and contract
Atmosphere humidifies
Temperatures rise
Beads of sweat rolling
Movements increase in velocity
The sense heighten
Minds expand
Bodies shudder
The timing has come
The two become one
Achieving tranquility at rest.

Lost Love II (1994)

The following was the second of two for Maria, as I continued to woo her. She was flattered; but was cool about letting me down softly. I understood. It was hard to accept, though. Nonetheless, I wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Lost Love, Too

Most never find it
I discard realizing later
The first in my life
Regretting for years to come
Now I find another
A second in one lifetime
Only to lose her
Shortly thereafter

That’s twice now I’ve cried
More now than before
Feelings run deep
As the heart is severed
Just when I thought…
I encounter a force
Invisible by nature
Impenetrable physically

It’s not brick or stone
Which crumbles with a shake
Nor metal or wood
Which burns under heat
‘Tis stronger yes
This shear wall of fear
You cannot climb it
Or breakthrough to within

My dearest has a wall
As high as the heavens
Thicker than thick
But there’s nothing I can do
The reasons why
Are fully understood
But not why there’s fear
In sharing the heart with me

Unfairness prevails
When comparing to others
So much to learn
She’ll never realize
I’m not like the others
Her search will be difficult
If chosen not to return
…or not to search at all

it’s her choice now
to do what she wishes
as it always has been
I hope so soon
She’ll destroy what was built
And realize who she had
Someone who would do
Anything for her.

But time never stops
Maybe this time ahead
Won’t be as lengthy
If my princess returns
I hope it’s not too late
For I cannot wait
And wonder if and when
She’ll “borrow my lips for the night”

It truly is more difficult
Waiting than letting go
It hurts so much
To be with her
As I begin to cry
And I shall always cry
When thinking of my princess – why?
Because I love her.

The Meeting (1994)

The Meeting

Midnight, closing in
Surrealism surrounds
Awaiting her arrival
Brining possession
History for my future
All in black I am
At the bar of fate
Floor lights swirl bright
Music vibrates the air
This boiling blood of mine

Destiny is near…

Five minutes left of life
Before to float away
How shall I know?
In her arms to hold
Embracing to keep still
I wonder but for now
Pausing to reflect
Unlike herself, you see
If this what I wish
Crossing over eternal

Freedom is near…

Sitting motionless, patient
Presence drawing to close
Touch upon my shoulder
I turn to her soul’s gaze
She smiles beauty so bright
Wrapping me within
Lost in each other’s eyes
Leaning to draw from me
Leaving engulfed together
Returning for those left behind

We are near…

Bloodlust (1993)


Blood flowing through my veins
Sight unseen beneath remains

Taking lives without a fight
Lifting high into the night

Dragonlord of darkness black
From high above I will attack

Souls unknowing I will consume
Until they reach impending doom

Hunger requires nightly feeds
Quenching thirsts to fill my needs

Luring those with my temptation
Leading forth into damnation

Puncturing flesh to extract life
Saving one unending strife

The lust for blood shall never die
So long as we never deny.

Second In Command (1992)

You gotta love spontaneity. The best stuff comes out at the most unusual times. Like Ronnie James Dio writing lyrics, all medieval-based; but 90% of the time, written while watching sports. Huh?! Second In Command came to mind while watching one of the “Nightmare On Elm Street” installments. The part where they were going over the history surrounding his birth. Specifically, the rape of his mother, a nun, by 10,000 maniacs, at an insane asylum at which she worked. Evil personified.

Second In Command

The priests aimlessly walk
Yet with purpose
A destination to unknown
Eyes affix on the elders
A door bears the mark
Chaos and disorder reign
Time is of no relevance
Doors stretch into position
Screams echo through the corridors
Fear permeates the open space
The entity sits in judgment
Darkness abounds with words unspoken
Forces accumulate from within
Lightning strikes, the sky blackens
The soul from the present drifts
A destination to unforeseen
Wreaking havoc on those unknowing
Seeking the power to uncreate
All that remains will descend.

Merging To Descend (1992)

Ironically, as it were, this is a love poem for someone who had the same interests and fascination as myself: vampires. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the friend zone. Probably a good thing, in the end. I heard later on, she developed some high-maintenance issues. Like I said, dreamstage.

Merging To Descend

I’m bound by her trance
Her blades rise to slice
I defy with my lance
Metal takes its price

To no avail strike is swift
Her eyes pierce to within
My soul it doth lift
Her beauty above all sin

We take to the air
Searching for blood unknown
To drain the life force bare
Never to be left alone

The priests speak aloud
Touches of evil exist
Tapping the unconscious clouds
Your presence I cannot resist

Now thee knows thy sense
Come with me and rise
To heights above intense

But first, look into mine eyes.

Speed Demon (1992)

Speed Demon

Racing through the fire
Lightning pierces, strikes
Moments after I pass
Just missing
Down hell’s highway I fly
Nothing in my way
People say through hell they went
Maybe a destination it is not
But merely something to go through
How many times must I
For now, just passing by
Overhead and out of reach
Can’t stop, always going
Something about speed
Makes me a demon

Swiftly through time
No man I do fear
Hazards abound
When traveling above ground
Blackholes and whirlwinds
Capturing souls
My soul stands alone
Never in one place
With mobile velocity
In search of nothing
Continually learning
Gaining strength
From the forces of life
Cheating death for the hell of it
Invincibility, no anger or fury
In flying high
The dimensions are
Only I know why

No one knows
You have no idea
I scream while no one listens
No one hears but the beasts
They fear not my wrath
Hellhounds awaken by my side
To wait is their goal
For my ascension
For they cannot keep up
They understand
Life is not without
The speed demon.

The Seeker (1992)

One of my earliest creations, The Seeker embodied my passion and desire for love in all of its forms, in theory. Doesn’t always work out that way, though. Always the dreamer. And optimist.

The Seeker

Heart overflowing
Passion progresses
Time irrelevant
Within the masses

The seeker seeks
But never finds
No right places
Just wrong times

He is alone
Not by choice
Never lonely
With inner voice
A princess waits
A void to fill
‘tis within her
dwells a thrill

the seeker believes
courtships prevail
chivalry reigns
while others prevail

destiny reaches
horizons beyond
the seeker and princess
eternally bond.

Waiting By The Fire (1992)

More generic, wishful thinking, waiting, hoping…medieval in mind…

Waiting By The Fire

Fair maiden, where for art thou
The journey tires sense about
Time doth stretch
The mindframe sketch
I await thee, doing without

Feelings to shareth with only one
Saveth internally, for heart’s undone
Not broken or unmended
Needing to attended
Life’s love to illuminate they sun.

Energy thriving, awaiting the call
Emitting sparks high to fall
Me soul doth pray
The chemistry may
Prove there’s someone for all.

Piece Of Mind (1991)

Of course, as spiritual as this one may appear, it is actually a reflection of an experience that occurred when someone asked for something with ulterior motives in mind. Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.

Piece of Mind

Everyone remembers
If they so choose
Memories remain
It’s there to claim
Some prefer not
To capture what
Is left behind

There is a reason
For that which remains
The banks of the mind
Stand in line
To surface at will
When provoked, but still
Can be controlled

What is to gain
When motives are false
Don’t’ believe
What others perceive
For they know not
That you have got
Your own piece of mind.

Somewhere I Go (1991)

An attempt to encapsulate all of my likes into one sonnet.

Somewhere I Go

Where is thou whose liketh that
Which is liked by some or all
One who lives the open mind
Enjoying all things for called.

What is it relished by I
Find out soon shall you
A brief detail give I must
To tease and hint a few.

Sonnets, champagne, an afternoon delight
Canvas impressions hang high
Soul, speed, symphony and between
Or waves on sands that lie.
WWF initials a sport of fave
Whilst the pins strike down
Films of grandeur intensify
Tragedy stages a frown.

Unknown explored with great anew
Mountainous valleys upon tread
A ferry ride ‘tween shores of yore
Asleep on earth of bed.
Pacific provides a sunset view
The stars are out to see
Whence the clouds occasionally stifle
The Science Academy’s help to degree.

Parks of recreation abound
To frolic within and tire
A candlelit feast to heighten thy senses
And embracement beside the fire.

As thee can see there’s plenty me
I shareth only with one
Somewhere for me a mate she’ll be
Someone second to none.

Sasha (1990)

Here’s an interesting selection. It definitely represents the passion I have (typical Gemini); even if it is just a waitress in a restaurant. Sasha was her name. A Greek pizzeria was her game. She freaked out after I gave it to her. It took me 7 months before I made it back to the place. She was gone anyway. Hey, it’s a gamble. I know I may have come on a little strong, but if she can’t handle it, it wouldn’t have worked for me anyway. I’ll bet someone she showed it to, wished it were written for her. I should have been on the lookout for glances from her associates. She reminded me of a peasant girl from a medieval village (medieval again?). Milky-white skin, not like the flushed variety common in the Caucasian community. And the uniform. Straight out of the 14th century. Wrote a poem about her. Like to hear it? Here it goes…


The wind blows softly as a honeydew kiss
Like a breeze whistling through willow
Alas, I have none to share in bliss
A tear ponds on thy pillow.

The pond’s a reminder of what could be
What outcome I shant know
I dream until the day I’ll see
Someone unique like the flake’s snow.
Pursuit is arduous, shyness prevails
I prefereth the written word
If mine thoughts aren’t taken, I shall fail
Unseen mine attempt, yet heard.
Thy resembleth fair maiden of flight
Wit and humor envelop me
Thine eyes shine like blinding light
And a smile as sweet as a pea.

Thy Sasha remindeth of a lovely song
My wish to see again, it is –
For now my space ‘tis almost gone
I drink to thee with a kiss.

With(In)Sight (1990)

An inspirational, off-the-cuff result of my surroundings, at an architectural firm. Featured in the company newsletter, I might add.

With(in) Site

Life as we know it
Drifts to retrofit

Reinforcing perceptions
Over misconceptions

Concrete simplicity intact
Searching with abstract

Moving across the field
In battle, the transits wield

Blueline fever grows
Investigating exterior woes
For now we shall adhere

Mind's Eye (1989)

As generic as they come, and hoping for the best…

Mind’s Eye

There’s a place I can go
Beyond space and time
Inaccessible by bus, ‘tis all in the mind

When I think of someone
All during the day
All that’s seen and heard
Reminds me of her way

The only way to arrive
I must be near her side
I’ll then be taken away
When I look into her eyes.

Lucas Valley Love (1989)

This one was a brief but tumultuous turn of events. Cool, to start. Beautiful green eyes. But hell to deal with, especially when under the influence of alcohol. This one was the psycho bitch from hell, from hell. Obviously, this one didn’t last long, especially since my living situation at the time, near her, was cut short by a roommate. Wrote a poem about her. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Lucas Valley Love

You’re little green eyes
Tear into my heart
Your smile lifts me high
Being with you
Anytime or anywhere
Suggests a knot to tie.

In time our love
Will transcend
To a higher place we’ll ascend
To join with me
Come take my hand
As one we’ll become
Our hearts will mend.

You are missed
All during the day
I long to see you
Something it is
About the way you look
And the way you do
That voodoo you do.

‘Tis all I need
You give to me
Enough it’s not, wanting more
For you, my love
Grows stronger still
From my heart
There’s plenty to pour.

Open wide…

Blackstar (1989)


Darkness reigns
O’er those who dare
The fury from within
Reaches to despair
who hath no fury?
I know not
The fear of danger
In the eyes
Of a stranger
Who governs the madness?

My stars align
To some degree
Space is deep
Zero G
Who’s flight in the black
Of night is right?

The darkness that remains
To strip
All else shall
From the surface slip
What is left to face whatever?

Evil is abound
To those unknowing
All is night
Nothing glowing
Where is the darkness that is their light?

Reality is the darkness
By which we live
Dreams are the ideas
Of which we give
What is it that realizes
This life of dreams?


The Chosen (1989)

“Join me, and we’ll rule the galaxy together, as father and son. The emperor has foreseen this”. Hell, yeah, pops. Let’s destroy him now so we can get started right away. You gotta love the dark side. People fear what they do not know. I find it fascinating. Mostly vampires, though. I don’t do zombies or supernatural shit. I can tolerate satanic stuff, but only so much. Nonetheless, I use it to freak others out. Remember, it’s all calculated and methodical. Keeps people on their toes. And at bay. People won’t mess with those who appear to be on the edge. I know I wouldn’t. But will if I have too, on the chance they’re bluffing. Wrote about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

The Chosen

I dream for the future
Losers beware
I am the dragonlord
Risen the lair
My vision is spiritual
My soul aware

A wisdom flowing
Through human race
I transcend the stars
At which you gaze
Silently drifting
In time and space

The essence I seek
A psychic harmony
Sharing unearthed
Universal discoveries
A new age of discipline
Is my prophecy

Awaken thyself
Mine inner dimension
I channel vibrations
Emotional expansion
Align thee holistically
With sound and vision.

The future is dynamic
I wish to cleanse
The conscious mind
External elements
‘Tis my divine energy
enlightening the sense.

Inner Self (1989)

The chapter title speaks for itself. These came about during reflective times. A period where I was exploring and learning the various eastern philosophies; the Buddhist sects of Tibet, China and Japan, along with those of Confucius and Tao.

Inner Self

Not born again
As in Christian
Life is renewed
The outside remains
If the inside’s unchanged
To alter
One must uncloud
The inner self

Others cannot help
In your quest
To digest
The journey’s abyss
Isn’t bottomless
To be aware
Realizing where
The fault lies
Within the confines
Of the inner self.

All the attitudes
Must change
Or rearrange
Caring a little more
Than before
Conscience in effect
Willing to detect
Before you err
Life will spare
The inner self

Once you clear
Light shines
The mind binds
With the self
In good health
You now control
The future soul
Life is about
Not being without
The inner self.

Miss February: Queen Of Hearts (1988)

Miss February is dedicated to…I don’t even remember her name. It wasn’t even a relationship. Well, it was, sort of. A working relationship, that is. She was the Promotions Coordinator for Bill Graham Presents. I was her poster boy, no, make that poster distribution rep. Hey, being a native San Franciscan has its privileges, knowing all the districts in the city and where to appropriately hang posters. Alright, so I had a crush on her. Happens to the best of us. It’s why people who work together fall for each other. Anyway, this is dedicated to her. February was her birthday month. Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.

Miss February,
Queen of Hearts

My heart is ever filled
Brimming with delight
As each day passes on
Forever into night

A holiday to some
Another day to you
A special day for me
To show my love is true
At snail speed I crawl
Giving space and time
But let us show affection
For today it’s not a crime

With all my heart and soul
Accept this if you may
My love grows stronger stillHappy Valentine’s Day.

Pinnacles (1988)

I used the term ‘hemispheres’ here to represent the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It’s a common trait of Geminis, especially with left-handers. Physiologically speaking, the left side of the brain governs the right side of the body, so left-handers are in their right minds. That’s right, I said it. It had to be said. Someone had to say it. Left side is cognitive and systems/analysis/science-based. The right side is abstract and creative/artistic-based. The benefit for Geminis: get the science part down, and improving on it, making it an art. Typical next-level format. Physical first, as the foundation, mental second, to understand, spiritual third, to know without knowing, and acting without thinking.

Pinnacles was originally written about/for someone, and normally I wouldn’t change the title, but after a falling out, and since the poem itself was a perfect description of the surroundings that prompted the verse in the first place, I felt it appropriate to turn a negative into a positive. If you ever have a chance to visit Pinnacles National Park, I highly recommend it.

It’s located on the outskirts of Gilroy, California. Pinnacles is a mountain range now officially designated as a landmark. There are numerous hiking trails, starting on both sides of the range. I recommend the east side, and coming down the west side. The east side is more breathtaking, and takes longer, making it more enjoyable.

Start along the tree-lined trails until you reach the entrance to the caves. Classic spelunking. Definitely bring a flashlight. You have to squat, too, to get under certain areas. On the other side is a stairwell, leading up to the top. Out of nowhere, would you believe, a lake? Trails branch off from there, leading to the top of a variety of peaks. The vistas are nothing short of amazing. You can see for hundreds of miles. Nothing but terrain.

When done, work your way west to the steep side of the range. So steep, the trails wind down in a zigzag fashion. Most notably, several miles away at the bottom of the range, is a building resembling the Pentagon. In reality, though, it is actually Soledad State Penitentiary. Scary, huh?! Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it; here it goes.


Your mountain majesties
Captured my soul
The first day that we met

A day in the sun
Amidst our friends
You stood out I admit
Your glowing caverns
Early morning bright
Pierced my shell to within

Offering views
From your peaks
Where the air is mighty thin

You made me happy
Throughout the day
Sharing amongst the rocks

I never thought
I’d enjoy the rests
As much as I did the walks

There is nothing
That I can give
Just feelings I share avec-nous

Who knows when
I’ll see you againSoon, while I’m thinking of you.

The Dual (1988)

I suppose we should start out with the one that represents my sign the most, if you want to have an idea of whom I am. It exhibits a common underlying theme throughout many of my writings; that being medieval-related; and my Gemini nature. I was always fascinated with the medieval times (14th century). And no, I’ve yet to experience Hollywood’s Medieval Times. Some day. The most important aspect: the code of the knights of the roundtable. Honor. Discipline. Respect. Same as in the Asian arts. Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it; here it goes…

The Dual

Gemini be me
There’s More to See
My ideas wait to set free
From thoughts within
I conjure up
Life beknownst, a silver cup
From which to drink
A chalice to thee
Without malice, come dual with me.

There are two sides
Of which to stand
I am both sides
Come take my hand
On a journey we’ll travel
Through space and time
Distant worlds within the mind
In mine there is much to see
Step inside and dual with me.

We’ll hover the hemispheres
Just you and I
Left to right, o’er night we’ll fly
Decisions on one side
Confusion the other
Neither overtakes one or the other
Complexities abound
Whilst thoughts divide thee
This constant dualing inside me.

What shall I do
This universe so vast
Simple it seems on surface past
You and I are one
United, the same
Let’s move together
On life’s board game
I’m fine, you see, unhurt by thee

In tune and aware, I dual with me.

Without You (1987)

And now, a dedication to my coffee girl, Maria. A Christian tormented by her past. I fell in love with her at a Def Leppard concert we attended together. We also attended my company’s Christmas party together. We were never an item, but I held out hoping. Classic example that if you don’t hook up immediately, you end up in the friendship zone.

She was special, though. I rarely bring anyone with me to a company’s Christmas party. You may not agree, and even hate me for saying it, but spouses and mates at a Christmas party are a ball & chain. You can’t leave them unattended for more than 10 minutes because they don’t know anybody. If you’re lucky, they’re outgoing and can hold their own. But don’t hold your breath.

Plus, you’ve got single guys hitting on them if they’re left alone and are not married. You have to get their plates and drinks for them, introduce them to everyone, who obviously aren’t going to remember her name. Going alone affords you the luxury of: socializing without dead weight, as many trips to the bar as you want without being called out by the mate, and eating as much as you want without being a glutton. Basically, the seven deadly sins of excess. You deserve it. Happens once in a lifetime. Sometimes two. If you’re lucky. Maria comes in second to Nikki. Wrote a poem about her. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Without You

Time apart
Slows my heart
My breath barely a mist
The waiting is
The hardest part
To, once again,
Be kissed by you
I miss dearly
A dark mane
To picture-frame
Your face
Ever so clearly
A lioness
No one can tame
Here I am
With open arms
Awaiting your embrace
To take me
Out of harm’s way
Without a trace
Of space
Between us two

A temporary
Moment to be
The time is due
My heart
Will race for thee
When, together again
We’ll be.

Fun To Seek...And A Joy To Find (1987)

Fun To Seek…

there’s nothing you can say
nothing you can do
to keep me from wanting you

exposing a side of me
I’ve never seen before
Together we can roar

You’re all I think about
You know how I feel
You are a magnet…and I am steel…

We shall survive what is dealt
To rise above the rest
And give each other our best

…And A Joy To Find

Time passes on
Warriors are soon gone
All but forgotten begins a new dawn

A life undeserved
The mind’s unnerved
Time’s now due for you to be served

I and my sword
Shall never be bored
So long as you embrace me the lord

Storms we will weather
In our life together
Combining forces tough as leather.

Lost Love (1986)

The stuff dreams are made of. Dreams of finding love. And romance. Definitely trial and error. Some positive, some negative. Dirty laundry, if you will. But few and far between. Most of the selections were written during the relationship rather than after. Although some tainted clothing may surface simply because of the sheer abnormality of it all. And humorous, years later.

The one that stands out the most, and is most deserving of recognition, is “Nikki”. She was not the first girlfriend; she was the first love. She set the standard so high (in my mind) that she is the reason I’m still single today. This would become my only regret in life. I was 20 and grew tired of professing my love due to her being insecure about it. (A flaw in the Gemini nature – inability to complete projects due to boredom.) I learned later most women think this way and is something we men have to get used to. Like Chris Rock said, “Women need food, water and compliments”. Anyway, I broke up to see someone else, but waited too long to attempt reconciliation. It never happened, and I’ve regretted waiting too long ever since.

The following selections are verses with someone particular in mind. Each are attributed to a different love. Some are simply generalistic; as in, dreaming and hoping for the future. The first, most importantly, came about after the first love (Nikki) and deserves its spot at the top. Wrote a poem about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.

Lost Love

It’s a feeling felt
Like nothing else
You may or may not understand
To have or have not, I say
This feeling I have known once
Possibly, who’s to say
I say
And again it will
But when

Time passes like the sun
Age grows, I grow
Waiting, wondering, when
The end draws close
Not that close
But still, alone am I
Accumulating woes
With no one to share the joy
‘tis mostly joy in everything
No matter what I do
Enjoy it I will with you.

What is the reason
For this sensation
More than what’s in common, it is
Yes, ‘tis more than a passing phase
To like as I like
Necessary it is not
I do what others like
Selfishness be void
This, I say, is why I pray
For someone who can play
Along with, beside me
Share the feeling
I’ve missed so long
Live life, opposing views
Not right or wrong
Do you know the feeling
I speak of?

It’s out there
Yet just out of reach
I’m reaching, farther
Almost within reach
Nut as I move, it moves
Sometimes close, too close
Deception hurts, hurt it does
But invincible it is not
I can tell
I’ve seen it, felt it
What the hell is it I long for?
That I seek?
Understand you may
That’s all you can say
If never your feelings
Felt this way
Some day will come
When yes, again
Someone will feel as am I do
Yes she will
Whoever you may be
Wherever, I shall find you
My loveI’ll shareth with thee.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


The title speaks for itself. Each rhyme is preceded by the reason it came to pass. The influences go back a century or two, where the rhyme was ever so prevalent, and to which the meter was paid attention, unlike today. Just ask your English professor.

The credit for my influence goes to my English instructors at my alma mater, Saint Ignatius, Mr. Isham and Mr. Grady. They taught me old school: Twain, Eliot, Longfellow, Shakespeare, cummings, Burroughs, etc. Years later, I would seek out the more contemporary works of the Beat Generation - Bukowski, Ginsburg, and Kerouac.

I was still, always a sucker for the rhyme. The jokes that rhymed, seemed to be the only ones I could remember over time. Such is the paradox of a left-handed Gemini. Organizational, system-oriented on one side, creative on the other. I suppose the poets of yesteryear struggled with the same. After all, when you're writing from the heart, it doesn't exactly keep to the meter, which is the structure of the verse. That requires the mind. The neverending story.

Lastly, even though the hardcopy is divided by subject matter, the entry into blog format necessitates chronological order. No matter. So the subject matter from the beginning, will be all over the place. As it should be. As it was created. Now who can argue with that.